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Dutch Dreaming - Wedding

As we boarded the train for the Netherland we had no idea what was ahead of us. Our couple set us up in a lovely AirBNB that the bride helped build called Theetuin, The Fig Tree (you can find them here It was a beautiful tiny house inside of a greenhouse. As you walked in you could smell the lavender that was placed along the path. Next to the tiny house is a woodfired hot tub with cute twinkle lights to help make your evening dip a little more special.

Our wedding morning started off at the Bride's parents home and their home. Jonathan met Tom at their house and I met Floor at her parents home. Floor shared how she woke up every morning to see the church she'd one day get married in.

Both Floor and Tom are Dutch and their wedding days in the Netherland have a little bit of a different schedule than most American weddings. After getting ready they did a first look at Floor's house per a dream Tom had had of Floor walking down the stairs outside her childhood home to meet him. It was a precious moment and quite literally a dream fulfilled.

Afterward we headed to a picturesque forest nearby to capture some couple photos. There we found an iconic bridge to capture some dreamy shots of the beautiful bride and groom.

From there the Dutch join with their family and have a brunch together before they we t to the town hall for the civil wedding (in most European countries you have a civil and religious wedding). There we are met by close friends and family before the town official for a small ceremony to legitimize the marriage in the government. Afterward we captured a photo where both Tom & Floor's parents had their wedding photo taken.

Following the civil wedding everyone in attendance is invited to a lunch. T&F decided to have theirs at a local park where a caterer served sandwiches and drinks as we captured formal photos of the party members with the newlyweds.

After some mingling at the park everyone leaves for the cocktail and dinner venue on the lake in Aalsmeer. The party enjoys some drinks, toasts, and games before having a lovely Italian dinner at Christiani Vino E Cibo (Christiani Vino e Cibo | Wijnbar & Pizzeria Aalsmeer (

Then the new married couple cuts their cake before everyone heads off to the church ceremony to meet more friends and family. The church is a lovely old traditional Dutch church that T&F attend. They sing songs of worship to God with their friends and family as their pastor presents a beautiful sermon and encouragement to all in attendance.

Floor & Tom exit to confetti being thrown as they head to meet everyone from the church ceremony back at Christiano Vino E Cibo for drinks, snacks, dancing, and games.

We were so grateful to be a part of Tom & Floor's wedding day. The Netherlands will forever have our heart afterwards and we look forward to our next visit.

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