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Let's create your inheritance...

What we offer

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A memoir of the beginning

Let me transpose your love story to film. I capture everything from the intimate details between the two of you to the bigger moments, so you have a wide range of images to enjoy after the big day.

Couple Sessions

a flash of now to remember later

My Engagement & Couples Sessions have received many positive reviews from my clients. I love diving deep into the emotional moments surrounding your wedding day, capturing every bit on camera. For more information, feel free to contact me.

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A celebration of new life

If you choose to book me for my popular Maternity Sessions, I’ll deliver a series of photos that show the depth, emotion, spontaneity and beauty of this season. It's time to reflect on this season of anticipation and preparation for the new life inside of you.


A gift for the next generation

In our Family Sessions we  deliver a series of photos that show the uniqueness of each of you as we provide prompts that draw out the sincerity, emotion, spontaneity and beauty of your relationship with each other.

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Wedding Coordination

Bringing peace and joy to your wedding day

Let our passion for weddings and gifting in organization and hospitality bring life and peace to your wedding day.

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